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“I came up with idea for Bowden & Co. on a trip to France one Christmas. I felt sure there were lots of people who would love to try some of the wonderful wines I had been tasting, and that there was a real opportunity to set up a wine gift business that was completely different to anything else in the market – wine gifts that would be chosen by a sommelier, and therefore consistently good, whatever you chose, at whatever budget. In fact, wine and spirit gifts that people would want to talk about.

“I started planning Bowden & Co. in 2011, testing my wine selections on friends and family and slowly building up a picture of what people wanted when it came to gifts. From the beginning I was committed to finding the very best wine I could for the best price, and trying to support, where possible, small producers who made exceptional wines that people didn’t always know about. I then set about planning my first wine-list, and Bowden & Co. was born.

“Very quickly we discovered that my clients loved the suggestions I made and we had lots of orders! The business has grown a lot since then but I still like to select every order personally. Every single bottle we send is hand picked specifically for the customer and each one is, therefore, completely individual.

“One of the joys of sending good wine and spirits is the fact that you will almost always make people happy and even, dare we say it, educate them about a new wine or spirit which they might never have had before.

“Our wine is also used for press launches, corporate wine tastings and private parties. Nothing makes us happier than helping people to make a tailor made and well -informed choice when it comes to buying wine and spirits.”

– Sarah Bowden

How We Work

You may be looking for a wine list on our site. However, we don’t publish our wine and spirit lists because we buy in extremely small, bespoke batches and they change on an almost weekly basis. As a private, bespoke service we also want to keep your gifts special by making sure that their details aren’t widely available.

Gift Wrapping

We think sending wine and spirits should feel just as special as sending any other gift, so we send all our presents hand wrapped in a Bowden & Co. box with a handwritten note. You can choose from our one, two or six bottle gifts, but if you want something a little different then we are happy to help.